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Create in your own dock of sustainable products & lead the change for a better world.

Shiperise’s features

Earn profit on product trades.

Traders can invest in one or multiple product inventories and earn a return once the inventory has been sold by the brand. Create your free account and start picking your favourite products now. 

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Make an impact with sustainable products.

All products are selected based on sustainability criteria to provide unique opportunities for traders or resellers. Recycling raw materials, producing more locally and reducing waste are amongst the brand’s priorities on the platform.

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Your products available at all times.

Resellers buy product or reserve inventory from the upcoming sustainable brands, including a 100% guaranteed delivery. This allows resellers to secure product inventory while fixing procurement prices. The process guarantees procurement prices & sales margin, while benefitting from a free warehousing.

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Per batch


Ship profit

3.0% to 4.0%

Est. Closing date

31 May. 2024

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Per batch


Ship profit

3.0% to 4.0%

Est. Closing date

30 Apr. 2024

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Per batch


Ship profit


Est. Closing date

15 May 2024

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Per batch


Ship profit


Est. Closing date

31 May 2024

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Positive impacts

Our inventory funding is specifically designed for impact-driven product companies. The selection process is based on a variety of criteria in terms of sustainability. Every product on our platform adheres to one or more impact areas

See our Sustainability Charter

Water Use

The product allows a reduction of water use or has developed a production technique that requires less water

Waste reduction

The product requires less first-use raw material in its production process and/or uses recycled raw material

CO2 emissions reduction

The product reduces the amount of CO2 emissions through its use or in its production process

Local development

The product is produced locally and supports the development of local communities


The product has been designed with technologies that are easily available

Easily reparable

The product allows for easy service and available spare parts for better reparability

Nature friendly

The product favours biodiversity and respects nature in its use


The product reduces our energy consumption and/or favours the energy transition towards greener energy

Sustainable lifestyle

The product is destined for those who are adopting a more sustainable lifestyle

Our community loves Shiperise

Our impact community is growing every day. Here's what they say about Shiperise.

At Mineralio, we believe that a good business is one that has a social, environmental, and economic impact. Shiperise encompasses these three dimensions.

Simon Gillet


We are looking to provide additional source of funding for positive impact companies in our portfolio and Shiperise is the perfect local partner.

Alain Boribon

Citizen Fund

This innovative inventory funding solution perfectly fitted our financing needs at Treebike. Shiperise enables us to fix our procurement prices, limit the costs associated with multiple sourcing and avoid fluctuations in supply.

Bernard Denys