About us

At Shiperise we are on a mission to promote sustainable production. Our world needs more sustainable alternatives to the products that are currently being sold on the market. Our goal is to make new innovative and sustainable products more available and accessible to everyone on the market.

Boost sustainable products

In recent years, there has been a surge in product innovations in terms of sustainability. Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups are now offering eco-friendly products, emphasizing the use of recycled materials and local production. Shiperise collaborates with entrepreneurs to address their daily challenges and create promising products. Our primary focus is on the mobility, energy, and building equipment sector. We aim to support SMEs and startups by connecting these with professionals and traders who share their sustainability vision, offering an alternative source of funding that complements traditional banking and investment options.


Shiperise S.A. is a mission driven company. Our mission is enshrined in the Articles of Association, and our governance includes an Impact Committee and an Advisors Committee to ensure ethical conduct throughout operations. Our sustainability charter provides detailed criteria for selecting companies we collaborate with.

Supporting professional communities

Many resellers and distribution companies are now facing trends and sales cycles that are increasingly volatile, placing pressure on resellers from both consumers and suppliers, making it nearly impossible to meet consumer demands. We have developed a toolbox for resellers to enhance visibility on their transaction terms, procurement prices, and available inventory. This enables them to offer superior products to consumers at more favorable economic terms for all parties involved, thereby making sustainable products genuinely accessible to everyone.

Why we do it ?

Our roots

Our foundation is built on a lifelong commitment to entrepreneurship and accessible finance. We are genuine entrepreneurs at heart, dedicated to transforming the way goods are produced and consumed.

Our ambition

As a company, we aspire to be a significant catalyst for change in wholesale practices, enabling smaller players and companies to make meaningful progress.

Our believe

Through Shiperise, we believe in providing an excellent and practical solution for inventory purchases, and we aim to make it accessible to all local entrepreneurs. This is key to delivering and producing more sustainable, locally produced products for everyone.

The founders

Both passionate about sustainable production, we have been working on tailoring our service to meet the needs and demands of sustainable product brands.

Lionel Slusny


Nicolas Meerschaert


Our Advisory Board

We are surrounded by experts in various fields. Our Advisory Board provides valuable insights and guidance based on their industry knowledge and experience.

François Mattelaer

Board Member

Sylvie Rousseau

Legal Advisor & Ethical Committee member

Jean-Gabriel Debaille

Fintech Advisor

Raphaël Beaumond

Strategy & Fundraising Advisor

Stephan Kampelmann

Economic model Advisor

Samuel Benitah

UX/UI, Techstack advisor

Charles Van Hamme

UX/UI, Techstack advisor

Important concepts for us

Tech for Good

Our company is a tech for good and is putting its impact on the forefront of its priorities. It sees generating making profitability and fullfilling the economic equation as a means to gather resources for its main purpose. The company adheres to local processes too and develops its tools and technology in Belgium.


Resellers toolbox

Brands can discover features essential for managing their reseller network. Similarly, resellers and wholesale traders will access brand information and product data crucial for their sales operations.


Virtual Warehouse

We aim to revolutionize wholesaling with the introduction of Virtual Warehousing. Our platform eliminates the need for physical delivery before meeting final client requirements. Trading partners can now exchange inventories using our contracts without the necessity of actual delivery, while still reaping the benefits of traditional physical trade.