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Inventory funding made easy.

Made for sustainable brands looking to expand their horizon and take new sales opportunities. We help you turbo-charge your inventory, to improve profitability, boost sales & export markets. We gather private investors communities to invest in your products for amounts up to 500k EUR, while you get 100% available for sale inventory. 

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What are the advantages of financing your inventory?

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Flexible repayments based on actual sales

No need to repay early - Match repayments with your realised sales. This ensures a full focus on sales at your own pace. Get funding for up to 12 months inventory.

Real-time reseller processing

Accept inventory transactions online and control your order requests in real-time with our automated contracts.

Founders-friendly & non-dilutive funding

Simple and fast product funding - Unlock the balance sheet value of your inventory. No need to give up equity or to take on debt.

Buyback guarantee for resellers.

Make product launches and organise resellers reservations with a unique buy-back guarantee included in your services package. Gain sales traction with more products available for sale at the Point-of-Sale.

Benchmark against your peers

Get a custom benchmarking report on procurement prices from manufacturers and provide you with a tailored industry & production benchmarks. Our experts are specialising in mobility, personal equipment, energy appliances, and building equipment. Strengthen your position with investors, get industry price insights and shaping your procurement strategy.

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Get funding for existing stock

Unlock the value of your current stock and gain access to rapid funding. This will allow you to buy yourself some time and capitalize on better market conditions or navigate through your sales cycle more effectively. Your stock may be stored in your own facility or any other third-party location. If you are looking for logistics partners, we can help you too.

Share your success with your community

Turn your clients into investors and your resellers into partners. They become closer and more involved with your brand. Becoming true partners in your product launches they invest and as they build up virtual inventory on your product. Join us now and engage with your community !

Discover our Sustainability charter

Our inventory funding is specifically designed for impact-driven product companies. The selection process is based on a variety of criteria in terms of sustainability. The most succesful companies on our platform typically adhere to the following principles 

🇪🇺 Made in Europe

Products we fund are produced in countries where the quality of the product and the factory working conditions can be controlled

🌱 Positive impact

Reduction of the ecological footprint of the product in its production process or in its use

😇 Sustainable design

Products that are designed in a way that the environmental impact of the product are considered over its entire lifecycle

♻️ Recycling & Circular economy

Standardised products from brands that are composed of recycled material or that have recycling process in place

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