Solid, efficient, comfortable, practical and fun bikes

📍 Belgium


🚲 Sustainable lifestyle

About the company

 SUGG was founded in 2021. Its aim is to offer simple, robust, practical, fast and entertaining bikes, designed and assembled in Brussels, with top-quality components often sourced from European manufacturers.

SUGG bikes are designed for young people aged 9 to 99, who are dynamic and want to get around without assistance, favoring the use of natural resources that are often underestimated. With no electric pedal-assist systems, SUGG bikes are characterized by their economy, lightness, environmental friendliness, simplicity, reliability, durability and fun. At SUGG, efficiency and climbing ability are optimized through careful selection of geometry and components. Pure riding pleasure!

Positive Impact

Introducing Sugg – where innovation meets sustainability for a cleaner journey. Our eco-conscious bikes offers emissions-free travel, redefining the landscape of green transportation. Crafted in Brussels with high-quality European components, Sugg supports local development while minimizing environmental impact. With a focus on simplicity and mechanical efficiency, our low-tech design ensures user-friendly, reliable, and sustainable transportation. Join us on the path to a cleaner, greener future with Sugg.

♻️ CO2 emissions reduction

Using the product does not generate CO2 emissions compared to traditional means of transport.

📦️ Local development

The product is designed and assembled in Brussels using high-quality components often produced in Europe.

🕹 Lowtech

The product prioritizes simplicity and mechanical efficiency by incorporating a low-tech design for user-friendly, reliable, and sustainable transportation.