NuO2 - Eco-responsible sandals

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NuO2 - Eco-responsible sandals

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Creating waves of positive change

Designed to offer comfort, durability and a deep commitment to ocean preservation, NuO2 represents the latest model in a series of eco-responsible sandals that embrace the love for marine environments. Made from marine debris and other recycled materials, these sandals are entirely upcyclable and all components are of vegan origin. However, what really sets the NuO2 apart, in addition to its innovative use of recycled materials in its midsole, is its cushioned sole that provides superior comfort in contact with your feet, ideal for everyday wear. Once you've got them on, you'll never want to take them off!

NuO2 is the best-selling star from the ocean-loving sandal range of Nuoceans. What sets it apart from any other sandal? It's unique middle layer made from unrecyclable ocean waste flip-flops which makes every pair special and it's made from recycled, vegan materials throughout. The NuO2 also features an extra cushioned footbed, ensuring a level of comfort that'll make you want to wear them day in and day out. Get ready to step into a world of "oh-my-goodness-these-are-so-comfy" vibes!