Wepot - Natural watering jars

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Wepot - Natural watering jars



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Gardening that is more respectful of water resources

Founded in 2019 by two passionate students committed to ecological sustainability, Clément and Quentin believe in the transformative power of their project. Centered around eco-friendly irrigation, their innovation, known as ollas, seeks to optimize the use of our most precious resource: water💧. This emerging enterprise has already earned recognition through various labels for its groundbreaking solutions. Looking ahead, Wepot envisions a scalable, sustainable irrigation system, ideal for application in arid environments and beneficial for countries facing water scarcity challenges. Explore our journey towards a greener future with Wepot!

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The olla is a porous clay amphora that functions as a natural irrigation system. Its particularity lies in its ability to adapt to all types of plants, whether potted indoors or in the ground in a vegetable garden. By using ollas, plants will benefit from optimal growth while saving between 50% and 70% water! 🌱

By allowing deep watering through the soil, the olla prevents the accumulation of water on the soil surface and ensures a direct supply to the plant's roots. This reduces water stress, limits weed proliferation and helps prevent disease.

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