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About the company

Since its creation in 2017, Kataba has been committed to developing a furniture collection that sets a higher standard, designed for spaces of interaction and conviviality. To minimize the impacts associated with transportation, Kataba has always manufactured its pieces locally, relying on a network of loyal and dedicated French artisans and manufacturers. With the support of ADEME, KATABA's approach has been enriched with rigorous eco-design. The use of life cycle analyses has provided Kataba with a comprehensive understanding of the environmental challenges specific to its profession, allowing the integration of these insights into its design work. Kataba has since placed particular emphasis on the selection of raw materials.

Furthermore, to surpass the environmental performance achieved through eco-design, Kataba has developed processes to utilize second-life raw materials. Through these reuse methods, Kataba has truly entered a circular economy. As a culmination of this research and development effort, the "upcycled" version of its Kompa collection is now 87% less CO2 emitting than the market average for desks.

This is how, with products increasingly respectful of the environment and without ever compromising on aesthetics and quality, the Kataba collection strives to tell its commitment to desirable simplicity a little better each year.

Positive Impact

KATABA is an impact company belonging to the Social and Solidarity Economy. Our approach is contemporary, ethical and local. That's all well and good, but in concrete terms, what are our four pillars to achieve this?

Eco-design through a complete analysis of the life cycle of products and their use, we accompany the user - that's you - towards responsible consumption and a desirable future.

Up-cycling because to respond to the urgency of the situation, it's essential to rethink the use of waste in order to promote the circular economy without delay. In this new system, waste is transformed into "secondary raw material".

Made in France because enhancing the value of our know-how, both traditional and contemporary, necessarily involves relocating our production. It's also essential to better control our environmental and social impacts - labor laws, sustainably managed forests, and much more.

Social justice by producing in France, KATABA upholds some of the world's highest social standards. By collaborating with several integration companies for logistics and certain stages of production, KATABA is committed to a humane and inclusive society.

📦️ Local development 

The product is manufactured locally, relying on a network of loyal and committed French craftsmen and manufacturers.

♻️ Waste reduction

The product is made from recycled & up-cycled materials. For instance, doors are repurposed from worksites into tabletops for the T01 model.

🌱 CO2 emission reduction

The "upcycled" version of their Kompa collection today emits 87% less CO2 than the average desk on the market.

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