TreeBike offers a solution to the problems of mobility, congestion and pollution facing major cities.

📍 Belgium

🌱 Eco-mobility 

🚲 Sustainable lifestyle

About the company

Established in 2020 by Jean-Eric KIES, TreeBike is your go-to destination for eco-friendly mobility solutions. Specializing in the buying, selling, and renting of bicycles designed for sustainable transportation, our brand also takes pride in the manufacturing and assembly of electric or manually powered tricycles.

At TreeBike, we address the contemporary challenges of urban mobility, combating congestion and reducing pollution levels that plague many cities today. Our innovative lineup includes a variety of tricycles, including family bikes, cargo bikes, and food bikes, all equipped with electric motors for enhanced efficiency.

Introducing the "TreeBikes," our tricycles cater to both family and professional needs, providing versatile options based on your preferences. Whether you opt for electric assistance or a fully electric model, TreeBike is committed to offering a seamless and eco-conscious solution for your transportation needs.

With a diverse product range, TreeBike aspires to lead the market segment, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for urban mobility. Explore our collection and join us in the journey towards cleaner, smarter, and more efficient transportation solutions. 

Positive Impact

At TreeBike, we're at the forefront of eco-friendly transportation, emphasizing a sustainable lifestyle. Our product significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to traditional transport methods, providing a greener and cleaner alternative. Manufactured in Europe and assembled in Belgium at the point of sale, TreeBike supports local development and minimizes our carbon footprint.

More than just a mode of transport, TreeBike offers a practical solution for diverse lifestyles. Whether you're transporting goods professionally or enjoying family rides, our product seamlessly integrates sustainability into your daily routine, embodying our commitment to a cleaner planet and a sustainable future.

♻️ CO2 emissions reduction

Using the product generates fewer CO2 emissions compared to traditional means of transport.

📦️ Local development 

The product is manufactured in Europe and assembled in Belgium at the point of sale.

🌱️ Sustainable lifestyle

The product provides a sustainable and practical transportation solution that suits diverse lifestyles whether it's for transporting goods professionally or family rides.

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