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About the company

Our goal is based on a simple observation: we need to change our relationship with watering gardens. By participating in the development of this efficient irrigation technique, we hope to help the world reduce and improve the consumption of water, as its most invaluable resource.

We also attach great importance to supporting the local economy, and choose our partners based on the idea of a fast & local production process.

The olla is a watering jar system with roots dating back thousands of years,an ancestral method of irrigation. Wepot chose to launch production of their own ollas under the expert supervision of a ceramist.

Positive Impact

At Wepot, we lead the way in sustainable water management. Our innovative product reduces water usage by 50-70% compared to traditional sprinkler systems, promoting both efficiency and conservation.

Crafted in Switzerland and sourced locally, Wepot is committed to fostering regional development and supporting nearby suppliers.

Beyond efficiency, our product promotes biodiversity by providing sufficient hydration for plant growth. Wepot is your partner in transforming water management into a responsible and eco-friendly way.

💧 Water use reduction

The product reduces the amount of water used  by 50-70% compared to sprinkler irrigation.

📦️ Local development

The product is manufactured in Switzerland and sourced from local suppliers.

🌱️ Respect for nature

The product promotes biodiversity thanks to sufficient watering to encourage plant growth.

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